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Aggressive Screamer

*** PRE-ORDER - Lead time 3 weeks ***

What we've done here is essentially make a tubescreamer with an extra control to dial in how aggressive and heavy it sounds. This gives you a very simple way to not only dial in what you need for the amp you're running into, but take things back to the "stock" tubescreamer sound just by turning one knob.

Volume: This is the most obvious. It makes the pedal louder.

Gain: Would you like a little or a lot? Minimum settings will give you a very clean tone and turn the pedal into essentially just a mid boost. Turn it up just a bit to add a huge amount of crunch and a little saturation. If your amp is lacking in gain, you can crank it up as much as you want to thicken things up a ton without turning into pure mud.

Tone: This is exactly what you would expect from a tubescreamer tone control , but with a little finer control and a little less "honk/quack" to it.

Tight: This is the reason you're looking at this page. It's a super simple control luckily. Turn it up, your tone gets tighter. Not TOO tight!! If you cut too much low end you end up with a thin tone. The lowest setting will be just slightly thicker than a normal screamer, perfect for a less modern sound.

Graphics by Remy Cooper of Headsplit Design.

(Price ex VAT): 172,73
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  • Volume/Tone/Gain/Tight Controls
  • High quality, low tolerance components
  • Neutrik Jacks
  • Alpha Pots
  • Heavy duty, yet lightweight diecast aluminum enclosure
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • True Bypass with heavy duty mechanical footswitch
  • Powered by 2.1mm negative tip 9Volt DC adapter (Sold Separately)
  • Current Draw 20-25mA
  • Hand Built in Canada
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Aggressive Screamer
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