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Savage Drive V5.5

*** ON ORDER - arriving soon ***

Unlike the Porsche 911, we actually mean it when we say the New Savage Drive is all new. We started from the ground up to give you a totally original pedal and THE easiest way to dial in the most savagely aggressive tone you've ever dreamt up. Turn all the knobs to noon and go from there.

Volume: This is the most obvious. It makes the pedal louder. MUCH louder. But... maybe you're adventurous and like overloading the inputs of things or maybe have some really low output pickups that you want to make louder than a banshee. Inside is a "More Volume" control that will add another 10-20db. If you feel it's already loud enough, then just forget this control exists. You'll never need it.

Low: This could also be called the Tight control. Sitting right in the middle of where the real "chunk" of your tone is, lower settings will give you a tight and precise sound. Higher settings will give you a massive chug and even as far as some fuzziness at max.

Lo-Mid: This is probably the most important control on the pedal and will be what makes you love it no matter what guitar you run into it and what amp you run it into. This is where whats called the "body" of your tone lies, as well as the warmth. Lower settings will net you a very sharp djent. A little above noon will have some warmth, smoothness and added chug. Turn it up even further to find your sweet spot for solo's. Tip* you can use this for tone matching your favorite album tone!

Hi-Mid: Do you like crunch? Of course you do! So why not dial some in with this. Increased pick attack, presence and clarity are an added bonus.

High: Not enough bite from the Hi-Mid knob? Dial in more with the High. Keep it low for smoother tones and to remove shrillness in certain guitars/pickups. Crank it up for some bite and howl.

Hiss: (Located Internally) If you're finding you get a lot of hiss and noise because of things like noisy pickups, dirty power, extremely loud guitar signals, regularly using higher settings on the other eq controls, then this will help. Designed to only effect the highest frequencies found in a guitar signal, this isn't something you will normally need and if you do need to adjust it, it will be a one time preference thing. So we opted to keep it inside and keep the outside simpler.

Savage: This control does what it says. It makes your tone more Savage! We went back to the older method of having just a small amount of gain and distortion so that it doesn't destroy or dirty up your signal too much.

Power: The Parallel Overdrive features an onboard bi-polar power supply, so it requires 9volts ONLY!!! Higher voltage will only damage it.

Graphics by Remy Cooper of Headsplit Design.

Shipping Soon: a mechanical update for the Savage V5. I’ve had two years to sit with it, take in feedback and inevitably tinker. Now you can enjoy the exact same tones while being less susceptible to noise, more forgiving of power supplies, noticeably cheaper and easier for me to build!

(Price ex VAT): 172,73
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Volume/Savage/Low/Lo-Mid/Hi-Mid/High Controls

High quality, low tolerance components

Neutrik Jacks

Alpha Pots

Heavy duty, yet lightweight diecast aluminum enclosure

2 Year Warranty

True Bypass with heavy duty mechanical footswitch

Powered by 2.1mm negative tip 9Volt DC adapter (Sold Separately)

Current Draw 25-40mA

Hand Built in Canada

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Savage Drive V5.5
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