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Effigy Of The Distortion

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The Effigy Of The Distortion is what happens when Airis Effects sets out to offer a pedal that gives you easy to dial in classic death metal tones. While based on the Ampeg VH140C and tweaked to sound like the album it's name is based off, it's not just a one trick pony. The mids control offers a huge amount of range and can essentially change the "era" of the overall tone.

Volume: This is the most obvious. It makes the pedal louder. Start at the bottom and work your way up. Running into an amp's clean channel requires very little volume from the pedal. Turn it up too high and you will think something is broken. Into a power amp it's only your ears that are at risk!

Chunk(internal): We've made this an internal control as it's better to set it for your amp/rig and forget about it.

Mid: This is probably the most important control on the pedal and will be what makes you love it no matter what guitar you run into it and what amp you run it into. This is where whats called the "body" of your tone lies, as well as the warmth. Lower settings will net you a very sharp djent. A little above noon will have some warmth, smoothness and added chug. Turn it up even further to find your sweet spot for solo's. Tip* you can use this for tone matching your favorite album tone!

High: This takes you from a very warm and almost smooth tone, up to a howling banshee. It also works in tandem with the Mid control to shape the tone you want.

Gain: A buttery smooth, just on the edge of breakup amount of gain.......is NOT what this pedal has. It has a ton. And it's pulling a trailer with another half ton.

Power: The Effigy Of The Distortion features an onboard bi-polar power supply, so it requires 9volts ONLY!!! Higher voltage will only damage it.

Graphics by Remy Cooper of Headsplit Design.

(Price ex VAT): 205,79
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Volume/Gain/Chunk/Mid/High Controls
2 Year Warranty
True Bypass
Powered by 2.1mm negative tip 9Volt DC adapter (Sold Separately)
Current Draw 25-40mA
Hand Built in Canada

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Effigy Of The Distortion
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