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Mid Screamer

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Your favorite tubescreamer tones, but with simple, yet comprehensive Mids controls. Boost or cut the way you normally would with one control and dial in the exact frequency you want to boost or cut with the other control.

Volume: This is the most obvious. It makes the pedal louder.

Gain: Would you like a little or a lot? Minimum settings will give you a very clean tone and turn the pedal into essentially just a mid boost. Turn it up just a bit to add a huge amount of crunch and a little saturation. If your amp is lacking in gain, you can crank it up as much as you want to thicken things up a ton without turning into pure mud.

-/+: With this control, your starting point should be at Noon. Turning to the left will cut the frequency you've selected. turning it right will boost it. 

Freq: You've now discovered the "secret sauce" of this pedal. The sweep ranges from 1400hz up to 2700hz. The lower range typically gives you the "buzz word" tones like djent, quack, honk, etc. The higher range gives you more of a gritty, crunchy bite. Don't know what these mean? Then all you have to do is turn up the -/+ then turn the Freq control with your eyes closed.

Graphics by Remy Cooper of Headsplit Design.

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Mid Screamer
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