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Finally, the perfect power amp to compliment your Ceres, or any other preamp! Our goal for this product was to put the excellent power section found in our amp heads into the smallest package possible. Weighing in at only 12.8 lbs (5.8 KG), it packs a huge punch in a compact, portable unit.

With the myriad of tone shaping controls the PA50 will be right at home with any preamp, distortion pedal, or modeling unit. The HiFi / Guitar switch is the secret weapon for running your modeler, or if your preamp is particularly dark. The extensive set of NFB (negative feedback) controls allow for near limitless tone sculpting options, garnering both the best modern and vintage tones.

The PA50 includes our first-ever built-in bias monitoring circuit, as well as individual adjustments for each power tube. This allows for the use of slightly mis-matched tubes, as well as purposeful mis-matching to generate different harmonic content.

Knobs Color

PA Custom

Power Tubes

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