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Do not let the looks of the Ares™ fool you. Many years of experience and knowledge have allowed us to pack our signature high-gain Lead channel along with an all-new Crunch channel into a deceptively small package.

Ares™ is a real ‘meat and potatoes’ amp and as such there is no MIDI advanced control built-in. However, there are some cool features borrowed from the Orthos™, including assignable Crunch/Fat/Voice/Bright functions for each Master Volume as well as dual Gain and Master controls.

A transparent, yet fully bypassable, effects loop seamlessly couples the preamp to the power section. The Loop bypass and Master 1/2 selection are available both on the front panel of the amp, and on the floor via the include custom 2-button foot switch.

The Ares™ sounds deceivingly massive by utilizing a pair of 6L6 power tubes along with our custom oversized transformers for a rated output power of 50W, minimum. Via a simple bias procedure using the include external test points and bias control, the power section is capable of running most octal power tubes.

In short, this amp is a blast to play!

Note: standard black tolex with 6L6 tubes

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