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Dellinger7 Prominence - Trans Spectrum Black

Dellinger7 Prominence - Trans Spectrum Black

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  • Dellinger Prominence
    New for 2015, the Dellinger7 Prominence features the same curvaceous arched top as its 6-string counterpart while providing fans of the extended range that essential extra string! A striking and elegant design but with a more conventional twin humbucker pickup arrangement and a wealth of features to provide the modern player with all the necessary tools to cover a whole range of tones they may need while having the superb Caparison playability and ultimate playing comfort.
    Caparison Dellinger Prominence7 Body Caparison Dellinger Prominence7 Heel Caparison Dellinger Prominence7 Headstock

    The M3 composite tonewood body construction

    The M3 composite tonewood body construction consists of a central Maple section sandwiched between two Mahogany sides with the neck bolted directly to the Maple section. The result is a balanced sound with focused low frequencies and rich sustain.

    Caparison M3 composite tonewood body construction.
    The Transparent Spectrum Finishes are a new option for Caparison in 2015, consisting of a transparent finish with a twist: depending on the lighting, the see-through colour will acquire a pearlescent look with a unique hue, enhancing the guitar’s lines with striking aura.

    Trans. Spectrum Black

    Trans. Spectrum Blue

    Trans. Spectrum Red

    The Schaller Model M, 5 way MegaSwitch gives the guitar a versatile array of pickup switching options.
    Caparison Dellinger Prominence 7 Switching Options
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Dellinger7 Prominence - Trans Spectrum Black

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