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When you're thinking about thrash metal, it doesn't take long for Gary Holt to come to mind! The Exodustortion was designed to emulate Gary's Exodus tones and based off the Jose modded Marshall's that are now famous. With simplified controls, we've made it easier than ever to get that same crunch for yourself.

Volume: This is the most obvious. It makes the pedal louder.

Low: The Low control will fine tune how much bass and chunk are coming out of your pedal. It will be most noticeable at higher volumes.

High: Here's where you dial in how much treble and sizzle you want in your tone. Higher settings will bite and cut like a knife while lower settings will be much smoother and warmer.

Gain: You can't have distortion without gain! From a light crunch up to searing thick gain, this is the control that you find it with.

Power: The Exodustortion can be ran at anywhere from 9-18 volts with 9volts having the most audible gain.

Graphics by Remy Cooper of Headsplit Design.

Volume/Gain/Low/High Controls
2 Year Warranty
True Bypass
Powered by 2.1mm negative tip 9Volt DC adapter (Sold Separately)
Current Draw 20-30mA
Hand Built in Canada

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