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Electric Dragon

What is it? It features one side based on the TC Inregrated Preamp (think Meshuggah) and the other side based on the classic Tubescreamer.

Why should you care? Well, typically either one or the other sounds much better depending on what amp you’re running it into. Mesa’s like the Pre better for example. This gives you both options on one footprint, as well as they are stackable. Want a louder, more aggressive tubescreamer? Turn on the Preamp side! Want some dirt/gain/distortion from your clean preamp? Add it in with the screamer side and keep its volume lower.

For those that fixate on numbers more than sound, both sides of the pedal benefit from a very Klon style power supply that gives the entire pedal a bi-polar +18volt/-9volt source. This gives it all the benefits of running at a higher voltage and then some.

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Electric Dragon
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