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Nitro 100 EL34

*** PRE-ORDER - Built to your own spec! ***

100 watts - w/ half power switch
Fully Loaded with Drop B+ Variac Switch, Old/New Switch and Mid Cut Switch

Channel 1 (clean) - independent EQ and gain controls
Channel 2 (overdrive) - solo boost, OD1 (rhythm) /OD2 (lead) mode, 2 gear modes
4 Button Footswitch - #1 Clean/Overdrive - #2 OD1/OD2 - #3 Mode - #4 Solo Boost
Series Effects Loop - w/ true-bypass and adjustable +4db/-10db switch
Loop Volume Control for low volume playing.
Impedance Selector - 4/8/16 ohms
Many Cosmetic options available.
Custom Built in the USA by Scott Splawn

(Price ex VAT): 2.438,02
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Nitro 100 EL34

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