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Why ChickenPicks guitar picks?

Unique material, longer lasting and more comfort.
ChickenPicks are unique in it’s design and manufacturing process.
The beveled edges allow the pick to glide on and off the string effortlessly making it easier to play (as compared to a conventional thick- or heavy pick.
It just takes very little effort to get used to these picks, which just wear a little bit, right in the way you play.
The thermosetting plastic, the material used, is much harder and denser than all other plastics avoiding chipped edges, and ensuring months, if not years, of uninhibited, uninterrupted playability.
The tip will polish itself by the strings after breaking in (approx. 15 minutes of playing).

To get a full sound with thinner picks you have to pick harder than you do with a ChickenPicks® guitar pick. This means that you will have less handfatigue and more control instead of using a conventional pick. A ChickenPicks® guitar pick will reduce string breakage as well.

Play faster and easier. Whether you play blues, heavy metal, rock, country, pop, jazz or any other genre, ChickenPicks help improve the sound, speed, and control of your playing.
The thickness of the body, coupled with the texture of these picks make it very easy to hold while at the same time, avoiding the need to grip too firmly.
The result is less hand fatigue, less string breakage, less pick slippage, making it easier to focus on precise picking, speed, and the nuances of your playing.
The material used in the process is very rigid (not bending at all), eliminating any pick drag thereby allowing YOU to control YOUR sound.

More mass = More tone !
Even when playing near to the bridge you will be able to create more volume, depth- and mids.
Not those plinky thin-, annoying- and unwanted clacky overtones, but a more pronounced loud-, clear- and bright tone.
Due to the material and beveled edges ChickenPicks guitar picks are very adaptive to pinch harmonics, which have never been easier to create.

We already said it – ChickenPicks® guitar picks are extremely durable so you can use one pick for a long time. Customers say that in most cases one ChickenPicks® guitar pick should last at least a year, if not several years. Depending on your playing style.  And the production of ChickenPicks® guitar pick is less environmentally taxing than other plastics. So when you choose ChickenPicks® guitar picks, you are doing just a little bit extra to protect the environment. ChickenPicks® guitar picks are made in Europe, free from child labour.

Less handfatique
With ChickenPicks, you’ll grip less firm, compared to others.
Your fingers won’t even sweat and because of this, it allows you to hold your pick right between your fingers where you truly want it and without it slipping away. In addition to that, ChickenPicks has a textured surface for more grip.

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