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Massacre Drive - ex-demo

The Massacre Drive

What do you get when you combine some of the most brutal pedals on the planet with one of the most brutal guitarists on the planet? The Massacre Drive Cory Arford (Carnifex) Signature Overdrive from Airis Effects. 

With added output, tons of extra clarity, lower tolerance parts, three clipping modes, three tightness levels and extended range on the tone (hiss) knob, this isn't your grandpa's tubescreamer! 

After using our pedals for quite some time, Cory worked out what his favorite settings and specs were and we combined them into the Massacre. It's brutal and meaty while staying warm and smooth. 

Grit: This controls the amount of drive/dirt. Dial in the perfect amount of subtle compression, color and grit. Even at max you won't be making things muddy! 

Force: Output level control. Go from whisper quiet to a roaring beast. 

Hiss: This is an active treble boost/cut. With +/- 10db available you have enough range to tame even the brightest guitar, or add some serious bite to a darker axe. 

Diode: This changes the clipping diodes of the pedal. Up is a more dynamic and less compressed setting utilizing our secret diode combination. The down position gives you a slightly more clipped/compressed tone with an even warmer character thanks to a silicon and NOS germanium diode. The center position removes the diodes completely. This gives you more volume, less compression and more dynamics. 

Tight: This one is pretty simple. It tightens your tone! The up position is the least tight (which is still extremely tight) and gives you the most meat to your tone. The down position tightens things up more without losing too much beef. The center position is the tightest of tight. If you have a muddy guitar, this will clean it up immensely. If your guitar/pickups are already fairly tight, this setting may be a bit much but don't be afraid to try it out! 

There's no secret to great tone. Airis Effects is all you need. 

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  • Grit/Force/Hiss/Diode/Tight Controls
  • High quality, low tolerance components 
  • Neutrik Jacks
  • Hammond Enclosures
  • True Bypass
  • Two Year Warranty
  • Hand Built in Ontario, Canada
  • Powered by 2.1mm 9volt Negative Tip adapter (Sold Separately)
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